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Deep Fried in Beer Batter Served w/Coctail Sauce

Baby Back Ribs
Mesquite Smoked with Orange Pecan BBQ Sauce

Shrimp Won Tons
Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Chives Served with Honey Mustard Sauce

Oysters Rockefeller
6 Oysters on the half shell topped with bacon, spinich, & cheese

Oysters Southwestern
The same as Oysters Rockefeller with a southwestern touch of green chili

Shrimp Cocktail
Steamed Shrimp, Chilled and Served with Cocktail Sauce

Hot Wings
Breaded Cajun Style Chicken Wings, Served with Cool Celery Sticks

Fren Fried, Individual Order

French Fried, Individual Order

French Fried, Individual Order

Veggie Platter
French Fried Zucchini, Mushrooms and Cauliflower, Served with Ranch Dressing

Cheese Stix
Fried Mozzarella

Jalapéno Peppers
French Fried, Individual Order

Egg Rolls
Sweet, Spicy Mustard


Oysters Rockefeller